Mercedes-Benz Ponton Data Cards


The vehicle's "Data Card" is the original build specification sheet (written in German) that lists the date of manufacture, and all standard or optional equipment installed at the factory. The data includes the interior and exterior colors, tire manufacturer, engine number, radio, and more.

Example Data Cards

The quality of copied documents may be sub-standard, which makes interpretation and translation a tedious and cryptic process.

datacard_220a_1954_Bruce_Bristow3.jpg (60779 bytes)
1954 Type 220a sedan
Courtesy: Bruce Bristow
datacard_220a_1955_Bruce_Bristow1.jpg (33070 bytes)
1955 Type 220a sedan
Courtesy: Bruce Bristow
datacard_220a_1955_Bruce_Bristow2.jpg (75983 bytes)
1955 Type 220a sedan
Courtesy: Bruce Bristow

1956 Type 220S sedan
Original data card on left. German (reproduction) in center and English translation (reproduction) on right.
Courtesy: Anthony Tugwell

1956 Type 180D kombi (Binz)
Courtesy: Udo Goetz

1956 Type 190 sedan
Courtesy: Duke Pollock

1957 Type 180D sedan
Left: Factory microfilm / Center: Restored / Right: English translation
Courtesy: Hamid Zadeh
datacard_190_1957_Jeff_Miller.jpg (191820 bytes)
1957 Type 190 sedan
Courtesy: Jeff Miller

1958 Type 220S sedan
Courtesy: Anonymous
datacard_220S_1958_David_Steckel.jpg (50453 bytes)
1958 Type 220S sedan
Courtesy: David Steckel

1959 Type 180b sedan
Courtesy: David Robertson

1959 Type 190b sedan
Courtesy: Tim Cutler

1959 Type 219 sedan
Courtesy: Tod Alberghini

1959 Type 220SE coupé
Courtesy: Stephen Toth
datacard_220S_1959_James_Pancoast.jpg (133151 bytes)
1959 Type 220S sedan
Courtesy: James Pancoast

1960 190b sedan
Courtesy: Leonardo Martinovic

1960 190b sedan
Service Booklet
Courtesy: Leonardo Martinovic
datacard_190b_1960_Chris_Macha.jpg (68257 bytes)
1960 Type 190b sedan
Courtesy: Chris Macha

1960 Type 220SE coupé
Data Card, European Delivery Worksheet, and Invoice (.pdf file)
Courtesy: Harris Kerr

1961 Type 180b sedan
Courtesy: Ramzi Saba

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Common Data Card Option Codes with English Translations

Reference: Data Card / 1959 Type 190b sedan

German to English...

1 Fahrzeug-daten = Vehicle Data
2 Bitte bei Ersatzteilbestellung entsprechende Daten angeben = Please provide this data when ordering parts
3 Bei den Wagenpapieren aufbewahren = Save the vehicle papers
4 Typ = Type
5 Fahrgestell-Nr. = Chassis Number. Typically used as vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in USA
6 Getriebe = Transmission Number
7 Hinterachse = Rear axle number
8 Lenkung = Steering box Number
9 Batterie = Battery
10 Lackierung = Paint color and code numbers
11 Motor-Nr. = Motor Number
12 Vorderachse li. = Front axle Number (left)
13 Rader = Tyres
14 Lenkungsschloss = Ignition switch key Number (literally steering lock key)
15 Scheinwerfer = Headlights
16 Handschuhkastenschloss = Glove box Key Number
17 Polsterung = Upholstery
18 Aufbau-Nr. = Body Number (not the chassis number)
19 Vorderachse re. = Front axle Number (right)
20 Bereifung 5-fach = Tires, 5
21 Tur, Tank, = Door & Trunk Key Number
22 Scheibenwischer = Windshield wipers
23 Auftrags-Nr. = Order Number
24 Besitzer = Owner
25 Wohnort.....Strasse = Address
26 Polizeiliche Zulassung am = License Number
27 Kennzeichen = Registration

Sonderpolsterung = Special upholstery
Sonderverdeck = Special top
Engl. Beschrifttung = English instrument lettering
1 Ruhesitz links und rechts vorn = 1 armrest on left and right front door
Feste Fondsitzbank = Fixed rear seat
Scheibenwaschanlage mit Unterdruck = Windshield washer with vacuum assist
Kennzeichenshhild "USA" = Metal country plate "USA"

Request a Copy of the Data Card

After Daimler-Benz put the original data cards into storage for many years, they were then perhaps filmed on microfiche, and after that, digitized, and then printed again. Each conversion process includes the unwanted side effect of image quality loss. Some data cards are not even available anymore – as they may have fallen off the table during one of those conversion processes and nobody noticed. It may also have started with a bad original, typed with a worn-out ink ribbon on acidic paper that lets the ink fade. Unfortunately that's the way it is, and it gives us a headache today.

Detlef Gonzalez
1959 220S coupé with Hydrak
November 9, 2017

Update / May 3, 2022
Data Cards are available to USA and Canadian customers via the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center (MBUSA/California). The Data Card includes the body (karosserie) number, as well as gear box number, key numbers, and more. See examples of the Data Cards elsewhere on this page.

May 3, 2022


Customers in the USA and Canada can purchase a copy of their data card for $150.00 from the Classic Center. You can email a copy of your drivers license and registration to They’ll bill you. The data card is the only place you’ll find your interior trim code. It’s not on the car anywhere.

Tom Hanson
Retired from M-B Classic Center (California) March 31, 2022

Source: International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG)

Update / November 9, 2017
Clear and legible Data Cards are available from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Germany via email request.

November 8, 2017

Bob Berman wrote,

I recently requested data card information from the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center (Irvine, California) in regards to a recent acquisition. The response, while quick, was a barely legible copy of the data card. When I requested additional help, there was not much on the U.S. side. I then sent a query to the M-B Classic Center in Germany and got a much better response. Not only did I get a clear image of the data card, but a copy of the production order with the translation. This along with some notes about chassis number sequences. I mention this because I know many of us in the International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG) like to have as detailed a history of our cars as possible, and sometimes there is a need to go the extra distance to get what we want. The email address I used to obtain the data card was:

Edited for clarity.

Source: International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG)

Update / July 10, 2012
Data Cards are now available through Mercedes-Benz owned sales and service outlets. 

July 10, 2012

Dear Mr. Miller,

Thank you for your interest in the vehicle data card for your Mercedes-Benz. We thank you for your understanding that, effective immediately, we can only offer this service via the Mercedes-Benz sales and service network.

The Mercedes-Benz company-owned sales and service outlets and subsidiaries at home and abroad will supply data cards as before - particularly within the scope of parts orders or repairs and maintenance work - but only to the legal owner with proof of ownership.

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