1958 Mercedes-Benz
Type 220S Ponton sedan

Saint-Cloud (Paris), France

January 30, 2004 / Saint-Cloud, France

Data Card (Lieferschein) Nr. 11743

History and Overview of the Vehicle

  • Ordered by Delecroix in Paris, which was the exclusive Mercedes-Benz agent in France during the 1950s
  • First registered in January 1958
  • Original color: DB 125 - Perlgrau (Perl Grey)
  • Interior: Blue leather
  • Original options: Rear arm rest and windshield washing system

March 2004 / Saint-Cloud, France

Ownership History

So, we have a French Mercedes-Benz, which probably did not run for many years and did not leave the country for decades. This Ponton was just waiting to be aroused from sleep.

July 31, 2004 / Mareil-Marly, France


December 26th, 2006 / 80 rue de Longchamp, Paris, France
Address is visible with Google Street View

In 2006, the car was repainted in the original DB 125 Pearl Gray paint. This is a photo taken on December 26, 2006 in front of the Mercedes-Benz dealer in Paris. More photos with the new paint are shown below.

DB 125 Pearl Gray paint ingredients

January 12, 2007 / Saint-Cloud, France

January 12, 2007 / Saint-Cloud, France

January 12, 2007 / Saint-Cloud, France

April 1, 2007 / Parc de Saint-Cloud, France

April 1, 2007 / Parc de Saint-Cloud, France

1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S interior with freshly re-dyed leather upholstery / December 2010

Photo uploaded December 3, 2015

Interior of the 220S after renovation: re-colorization of the original blue leather upholstery (respecting the correct shade of blue), new headliner, new varnish on the wood. The background was hidden, which was random and ugly. The photo looks sort of like a catalogue illustration this way.

Mercedes-Benz Ponton 50 Year Celebration (1958-2008)


1958 Mercedes-Benz Type W180 220S Ponton sedan
  Camera: Leica M6 / Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 / Agfa 135 film
Paris, France / October 2008

Ponton + Leica + Agfa + Pretty Girl = Good Photos






Photo (October 2008) with Edita (Edith) and Mercedes-Benz W123 280E uploaded July 3, 2014

Update / July 3-4, 2014


Owner (2010 - 2016): Guy / Toulouse, France

From 2010 to 2016, the Pearl Grey 220S sedan was in the hands of an owner in Toulouse.
This photo also shows his 220S coupé.

Photo uploaded July 3, 2014


Type 220S Ponton coupé. The vintage style license plates were made in Romania.

Photo uploaded July 3, 2014


Family of fine Mercedes-Benz Pontons – 1958 220S sedan, Type W121 190SL, and Type 220S coupé.

Photo uploaded July 3, 2014


Photo uploaded July 4, 2014

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