1956 Mercedes-Benz W120 180D Ponton
Kombinationswagen (kombi) by Binz

owner: Udo Goetz / Udo.Goetz@axanta.com / Ostfriesland, Germany

"Fritz" is a 1956 Mercedes-Benz Ponton Type 180D kombi with a Webasto sliding sunroof added during restoration.

Year Model Body Style Fahrgestell
Chassis - Plate A)
(Binz Body - Plate B)
(Engine - Plate D)
Kraftfahrzeugbrief Datacard FIVA ID Card
1956 180D Kombinationswagen
(kombi) by Binz
120.102-65-00198 1050 OM 636.930-75-21892 8137965 32243 061137

Greetings Mercedes-Benz Ponton friends,

All the technical data and facts are in the Federation Internationale Des Vehicules Anciens (FIVA) ID Card Nr. 061137. The FIVA ID Cards are available worldwide, and must be renewed every 10 years. The color is DB226 – Moss Green – as detailed in the ID Card.

Figure 1. 1956 Mercedes-Benz W120 180D Ponton Kombinationswagen (kombi) by Binz

Figure 2. Trailer made by PEKA (Germany)

The trailer was manufactured in 1961 by the company PEKA in Germany. I included an old photo of a Mercedes-Benz service car the similarity with my combination is amazing. Also find a photo of the car's first owner from 1956.

Figure 3. Mercedes-Benz service car with a similar trailer looking after a 190SL

Figure 4. First owner in 1956 – Fritz Wadowski

For your viewing pleasure 56 more photos including pre-restoration (6.6 Mb zip file).

Best regards,

Udo Goetz
Ostfriesland, Germany
November 27, 2018

Figures 5, 6. Binz Karosserie badge Nr. 1050

Figure 7. Kombi Meeting

Figure 8. Pontons on Parade

Figure 9. Schwerin Palace

Figure 10. Ponton Emperor - 2018

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Last Update: November 28, 2018
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