Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962)

Overview of Ponton Models

Mercedes-Benz Ponton 4 cylinder sedan
4 cylinder sedan

Mercedes-Benz Ponton 4 cylinder roadster
4 cylinder roadster

Mercedes-Benz Ponton 6 cylinder sedan
6 cylinder sedan 

Mercedes-Benz Ponton 6 cylinder cabriolet
6 cylinder cabriolet

Willkommen! This site explores, chronicles and celebrates the unitary-construction sedans, coupés, cabriolets, roadsters, and variants built by Daimler-Benz from 1953 to 1962. It also serves as a central meeting place where Mercedes-Benz Ponton owners, friends, and associates from around the world can share their knowledge and experiences. Features include: production and technical data, resources for new and used parts and services, discussion forums, technical literature, instruction guides, photographs, and more.

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East Coast Ponton Congress III (ECPC) added: March 2, 2015

 1961 Mercedes-Benz Type 190Db Binz kombi (station wagon)
owner: Angus Wylie / Everett, Washington /
more photos

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year! About six years ago, I bought a 1961 190Db Binz wagon that was advertised in the Cars for Sale section of this website. Since then, I've been working on it. It's been a ground up restoration, which isn't complete yet! I bought the car sight unseen from a fellow in Alaska, and had it shipped down to my place in Everett, Washington. I took this photo January 2, 2015. I have tons more photos documenting the work in progress, and also of my 1960 190Db sedan. I'd like to send a bunch more, but for now I think you might find this one interesting.

Kind regards,
Angus Wylie

Angus Wylie's 190Db Binz kombi added: January 3, 2015

Principles of Pontonology

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