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Daimler-Benz AG sales agent / 1954

F. Zelenka & Co. O.H.G. Ried
Upper Austria / December 1956


Photo Year/Model Description Price (US$) Contact / Location Posted Expires

Mercedes-Benz Type 190D (W121) Ponton sedan
Preferably with sunroof, daily driver or better condition, currently running and driving. Contact with details. Ed Herzog
Akron, Ohio
10-feb-2024 01-sep-2024

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1956 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S (W180) Ponton sedan
Type 220S four-door sedan built in July 1956, and imported to Denmark in 1959. Taken of the road in early 1970s, and stored in a leaking container, and since two years outside. It's a rusty project with full driveline. but we were unable to unlock the stuck hood. $2,200 / ONO Kim Norrgren

The car is located one hour south of Copenhagen.

23-oct-2023 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1961 Mercedes-Benz Type 190Db (W121) Ponton sedan
Partial restoration started, no rust, complete trim, rebuilt starter, cleaned, and POR15-treated the gas tank, has title, and ignition key. I am happy to answer all questions for those interested. $5,000 Barbara Graham
Boulder City, Nevada
05-aug-2023 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

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1957 Mercedes-Benz Type 190 (W121) Ponton sedan
Four door sedan, manual four-speed on the column. European headlights, steel sunroof by "Golde" (not Webasto)—only closes 95%. Steel sunroofs were uncommon, especially on Ponton sedans. Runs and drives, but recently started to overheat after a drive. Only one side turn signal works. $9,500 Joon Lee
Los Angeles, California 90010
Tel. 909-919-0770
05-jul-2023 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1956-60 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S/SE (W180/W128) Ponton cabriolet
Looking to purchase a 1956-60 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S/SE (W180/W128) Ponton cabriolet. Contact with details. Mike McClelland
South Carolina
30-dec-2022 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

Project car: Mercedes-Benz 190SL (W121), 220SE (W128), or 280SL (W113)
Looking to purchase a project car. Mercedes-Benz Type 190SL (W121), 220SE (W128), 280SL (W113). I accept all terms, and conditions. Contact with details. Adam D. Demetro
Hartford, Connecticut
30-dec-2022 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1959 Mercedes-Benz Type W128 220SE Ponton sedan
Car is partially disassembled. All parts and engine are there. Fuel injected 4-door sedan. In Portland all it's life. Former doctor's car. Requires full restoration. $4,000 Allen Stephens
Portland, Oregon
26-jul-2022 01-sep-2024 (renewed)



1956 Mercedes-Benz Type 180 Ponton krankenwagen (ambulance)
We have a 1956 Mercedes-Benz Type 180a ambulance with 4-door body (W120.000). It is in running condition, and the owner is willing to sell. Financial value is unknown. According to the owner, this is the only Ponton ambulance still in running condition in Sri Lanka. Please review the attached photos and video, and let me know your thoughts. Please contact either myself (Amila Del Mel), or the owner (Mr. Ajith) for further details. Contact for details Amila De Mel

Owner: Mr. Ajith
Sri Lanka
+94 779589319
06-may-2021 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

PDF (scroll down to see photos)

1957 Mercedes-Benz Type W121 190 Ponton sedan
We have a restored, 1957 Mercedes-Benz Type 190 Ponton sedan (RHD) here in Johannesburg, South Africa. The car is registered, and running perfectly well. The car is in spotless, originally restored condition.

This is a private sale, and the vehicle and spares can be inspected in Johannesburg, South Africa, and assistance will of course be given for packaging of spares into boxes for air or sea-freight, and/or loading the vehicle with or without parts into container for export.

In addition, we have a garage full of spare parts for this model ranging from three engine blocks, steering wheels, wiring harness, original radios, and much more. These are all ORIGINAL parts NOT later reproductions. See Swap Meet page.
$25,000 Wolfram Schüler
Johannesburg, South Africa
+27 74 424 0143
Also on WhatsApp
17-dec-2020 01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1959 Mercedes-Benz Type W128 220SE Ponton sedan with Webasto sliding sunroof
Original, completely unrestored model W128.011 with fuel injection. Actual original mileage: 59,758 km. Non-Hydrak 4-speed. Weathered survivor runs and drives well. Needs restoration. Body, doors, floors, rockers, and trunk floor are solid. No rust. Price includes extra 1959 fuel injection engine and subframe and many spare parts. Unable to start restoration project due to health. Contact me for more photos and information. Asking $15,000 Steve Whiteside
Abita Springs, Louisiana
11-aug-2019  01-sep-2024 (renewed)

Two Mercedes-Benz Type W120 180 Ponton sedans
One mostly intact, the other must have been a parts car. First one has engine and interior, and most of the "stuff." The second one has no engine, and looks to be there as a parts car. They were purchased from an estate, and are located inside a hangar near Huntsville, Alabama. These things need to go! $1,000 / OBO John Scherff
Huntsville, Alabama
07-jun-2019  01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1959 Mercedes-Benz Type W120 180b Ponton sedan
Major mechanical restoration performed in 2015 by Henry Magno Restorations. New headliner, windlace, etc. professionally installed. New carpet set (ordered from KHM in Germany). Comes with an extra set of replacement mats for the front. Soundproofing laid under the carpeting. Refurbished all Bakelite trim pieces. Paint refurbished with wax and polish treatments. Bumpers have some minor dings and there are a couple of chips and scratches in the paint, but overall, the car is in amazing shape. It drives like a dream. It runs strong and smooth and I have complete confidence driving it fairly long distances. It is really fun to drive. Overall, the seats are in very good shape with the exception the back of the driver's seat, which is coming apart a little bit, and needs some minor repair, and the top of the rear bench seat is showing some surface cracking. This car is in great condition both mechanically and cosmetically. $17,500 Kevin Gould
Massachusetts USA
10-aug-2017  01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1955 Mercedes-Benz Type W180 220a Ponton sedan
Very nice unrestored example. Last sold in 1993. Runs as it should. Very tight engine. I found zero rust! Car located in Denver, Colorado.

Equipped with a factory adjustment on the distributor (present on many early M-Bs) designed to provide a manual adjustment (from the driver's position) to eliminate poor fuel knock. The adjustment cable runs from the distributor to the left side of the dash to a knob that rotates. At tune-up time, the knob was rotated to the full timing advance stop before the timing was set. When the car was driven in a country where the octane of the fuel was lower than that of the home country, the owner could retard the ignition timing without leaving the driver's seat, reversing the process when fueling back in the home country. I believe that the cable was eliminated around 1957.

Description of distributor adjustment courtesy: Charles Noble / International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG).
$10,000 Guy Dunning
Denver, Colorado
18-jul-2017  01-sep-2024 (renewed)

1961 Mercedes-Benz Type W121 190Db Ponton sedan
Completely intact. $1,500 Lawrence Watters
Ashland, Oregon
30-mar-2017  01-sep-2024 (renewed)
1960 Mercedes-Benz Type W128 220SE Ponton cabriolet
This 1960 220SE cabriolet was purchased new in Los Angeles and driven home to Las Vegas where it spent the first 40 years in the care of its original owner, who subsequently moved to Santa Fe, bringing the car with him. Black lacquer over red, matching numbers per the build sheet; tool kit, jack and original (though somewhat dog-eared) owner’s manual are included. New convertible top. 76,000 miles showing on the odometer. Due to its life in a dry climate, it remains completely rust free. Received a re-spray four or five years ago, and although the paint is to a relatively high standard re-fitment was not handled with the same attentiveness. Both doors deserve adjustment, some trim has been deformed in remounting, dash refinishing was amateurish. There is the typical split in the leather driver door pocket fold. Nevertheless, it is a great running, matching numbers solid driver that with little additional effort and investment could be brought to a concours level. 45 photos available on request. $125,000 / OBO Henry Cowles
Dover, New Hampshire 03820
28-apr-2016  01-sep-2024 (renewed)

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