1960 Mercedes-Benz Type 220SE
Ponton Convertible (Cabriolet)

Dearborn Automobile Company
Topsfield, Massachusetts
Alex Dearborn /



The Type W128 220SE Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet is a fuel-injected version of the W180 220S. The 2.2 liter, fuel injected engine was instantly recognizable by the huge intake manifold (see photo). There were 1,112 examples of the 220SE cabriolet produced during three full seasons of production (7/1958 through 11/1960). The 220SE was fast and luxurious for its time, with the improved overhead-cam six cylinder engine producing 134 hp in this new version. They were also expensive, costing almost double the price of a 220SE sedan. Built on a stationary assembly platform, the cabriolets and coupés were possibly the last hand-assembled Mercedes-Benz production cars. The chrome trim, for example, was made of solid brass, hand-fitted to each car, then removed for plating. The wood trim was given the most lavish treatment in any Mercedes-Benz car, before or since. A properly restored 220SE will cruise at highway speeds all day long, giving a level of quiet comfort and reliability expected in contemporary cars. These are the finest touring cars we know of.

History of Chassis Number 128.030-10-003741

This car was purchased new in California in 1961. The second owner acquired it from his mother's estate, and had a thorough restoration done in California in 1993-94. In 1994 it went into a collection, and was driven just 6,000 miles before we purchased it in 2006. The restoration included refinishing the factory rosewood trim, engine overhaul, body, soft top, chrome, paint, and trim, as well as mechanical overhauls of all needed components. We have just completed a service and mechanical updating to include stainless steel exhaust, fuel system, radial tires, and detailing for show.

Documentation includes the original bill of sale, window sticker from Mercedes-Benz, restoration summary, restoration progress photos, service records, and original owner's manual. This is an opportunity to acquire a documented original example with a superb restoration done for an owner who is dedicated to preserving the car.

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