Mercedes-Benz Ponton Rotary Light Switch
(Terminals and Functions)

Benedito J. T. Rodrigues / / Brazil
1955 Mercedes-Benz Type 220a Ponton sedan

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Figure 1. Rotary Light Switch (Terminals and Functions)

In restoring the electrical harness for my 1955 Type 220a Ponton sedan, I had some difficulties understanding the wire connections with the rotary light switch, because my original harness was disassembled when I bought the car. When I checked Ramzi Saba's article about this subject, I was able to solve this problem. I thank you all for this online help. In addition, as it was difficult to obtain free information about the electrical harness, I used Autocad to draw the electrical sketch based on a figure that was provided by someone (I do not remember who) in your website. This sketch is not yet complete and all information is in Portuguese, but when it is ready, I would appreciate it if you would share it with all Pontoners. Until then, I prepared a table about the rotary light switch, that I suppose will compliment Ramzi Saba's information. If you find it acceptable to publish, you may do so. Let me know if something is wrong our if you have any doubts. Reference Figure 1, above.

Best Regards,
Benedito J. T. Rodrigues

Created: November 21, 2005 / Jeff Miller

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