Mercedes-Benz Ponton
Visual Reference Guide

If all the technical information still leaves you wondering what a Ponton is, try using these photographs as a visual reference.

This is a Ponton trunk lid

This is a Fintail (Heckflosse) trunk lid

This is a W121 190SL Ponton

This is a W113 Pagoda SL

This is a Ponton in competition

This is a Fintail (Heckflosse) in competition

This is a 220S/SE Ponton cabriolet

This is a W111 Fintail (Heckflosse) cabriolet

This is a W180 220S Ponton sedan

The W180 220S sedans remained in production until October, 1959.

Note: This is actually a Type 220a sedan, but it looks (for the most part) exactly like a 220S in this photo. The 220a does not have the strip of chrome on the front fender as the 220S sedans do, but the lighting in this photo makes it appear as if the strip is there. Also note the Webasto sliding sunroof on this vehicle.

This is a W111 220S Fintail (Heckflosse) sedan

In September, 1959, the Type W111 220S Heckflosse sedan was introduced while the W180 220S Ponton sedan was still in production. This means that a "1959 220S" could be either a Ponton or a Heckflosse model! The W111 220S was also known (unofficially) as a 220Sb. For more on the Heckflosse (Fintail) series, See: Links

Created: June 12, 2001 / Jeff Miller
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