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Type W121 (4 cylinder / roadster-coupé-cabriolet)

Including models: 190SL / 190SLR

1957 Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster with Right Hand Drive (RHD)

owner: Gordon Evans / / London, England

Photo Submitted: March 29, 2009

1958 Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster

owner: Jonathan Mason /

1958 Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster

owner: Geoff Hall / / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster

owner: Mike Partain / Columbia, South Carolina USA

1958 Type W121 190SL coupé-roadster

This profile view shows the Type 190SL is also a handsome coupé with the hard top fitted.

Type W121 190SL dashboard

1960 Type W121 190SL coupé-roadster with hard top

Robby Ackerman's 190SL

owner: Robby Ackerman / / Newport News, Virginia USA

1961 Type W121 190SL coupé-roadster

Photo by former owner: Bob Granger / January 14, 1961

Sold by Hartwig Mueller through Diekmann Automobile, Bremerhaven, Germany.

1961 Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster

owner: Michael Bonnar / / Lambertville, Michigan USA

I have owned this car for more than 23 years, and my two sons were so small back then that they would ride together behind the seats. When we went to car shows, my youngest son Chris (from about the age of eight) always included with the description of the car, "someday this will be mine." Well he did get his wish, I told him that when I can no longer operate the clutch it will be his. He is now 26 years old. I was very fortunate to find and purchase the original three piece luggage set in 100 point condition about eight years ago.

Kind regards,

Michael Bonnar
July 4, 2005

1961 Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster

owner: Janne Jaako / Haparanda, Sweden

Janne wrote, "I found your website with photos of Mercedes-Benz Type 190SL roadsters from all over the world. Mine is a 1961 and is located in Sweden. The license plate is totally legal. In Sweden, we can take up to seven letters and/or numbers if they are available. Some people use their names, kid's names, car model, etc. Fortunately this car is quite rare in Sweden, so my choice was available. It was expensive, but I think that the Mercedes-Benz 190SL is worthy of the customized plate."

Kindest regards,

Janne Jaako
November 12, 2005

1961 Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster

owner: Malek Mrowa / / Beirut, Lebanon

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Type W121 190SLR


"There was a racing version of the 190SL that had been developed at the suggestion of Max Hoffmann, but this was destined to remain a footnote in the model's history. It looked rather as if the elegant 190SL had stripped out of its elegant dress and slipped into something altogether more streamlined and sporty. The fenders could be removed, as could the convertible top. Special lightweight doors without wind-down windows reduced the automobile's weight, thereby enhancing its performance.  And instead of viewing the race track through a panorama front windscreen, the driver was protected from the elements by a small Perspex windshield. A total of 17 such vehicles were apparently sold before a change in FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) regulations put an end to its chances of competing on the racetrack. In any case, it had failed to notch up victories at any major events during its short career." - Mercedes-Benz Classic / 01 2005.

Photos of a converted 190SL racer can be found on the 2001 Fashion Island page.

Type W121 190SL cabriolet-roadster (roof in raised position)

owner: Luis J. Jimenez / Mercer Island, Washington USA

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