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Model 180
180 (a/b/c)
219 220a 220S 220SE
Years 1953-62 1956-59 1956-59 6/54-4/56 1956-59 1958-60
Type Inline OHC 4 Inline OHC 4 Inline OHC 6 Inline OHC 6 Inline OHC 6 Inline OHC 6
Engine # prefix M 136
M 121 (a/b/c)
M 121 M 180 M 180.921 M 180 M 127
Displacement 1767cc (107.7 cubic in.)
1897cc (115.8 cubic in.)
(115.8 cubic in.)
(133.9 cubic in.)
(133.9 cubic in.)
(133.9 cubic in.)
(133.9cubic in.)
Bore x stroke 75x100 mm
85x83.6 mm
85x83.6 mm 80x72.8 mm 80x72.8mm 80x72.8 mm 80x72.8mm
Compression ratio 180 - 6.7:1
180a - 6.8:1
180b/c - 7.0:1
7.5:1 (a)
8.5:1 (b)
7.6:1 or 8.7:1 7.6:1 7.5:1 or 8.7:1 7.5:1 or 8.7:1
DIN Horsepower 52 or 65 hp 75(a) or 80hp (b) 85 or 90 hp 85hp 106hp @5200rpm 115hp @4800rpm
Torque 11.4mkg@1800 rpm
13mkg@2200 rpm (a/b/c)
13.9mkg @2800rpm (a)
14.2mkg @2800rpm (b)
16 or 17mkg ? 17.5mkg @3500rpm 19mkg @3800rpm
Fuel System

see notes

(1) Solex 32 PICB
(1) Solex 34 PICB (b&c)
(1) Solex 32 PAITA (1) Solex 32 PAATJ (1) Solex 32 PAATJ (2) Solex PAJTA Bosch Fuel Injected
Grade Unleaded Regular Unleaded
Regular (a)
Premium (b)
Unleaded Regular


Unleaded Premium Unleaded Premium
Consumption 20.4 mpg
22.4 mpg
20.4 mpg 16.2 mpg 24 mpg 17-20 mpg 18-20 mpg
Reserve ? ? ? ? valve controlled valve controlled
Capacity (US gallons) 14.8 14.8 14.8 17.0 16.9 16.4
Type Unibody; steel (all models)
Chasis # prefix
W120 I
W120 II
W121 I
W121 III

W180 I

W180 II W128
Transmission 4-speed manual, column shift (all models)
Optional Hydrak automatic clutch (219, 220S, 220SE)
Rear-axle ratio 3.89:1
3.90:1 (a/b/c)
4.1:1 4.10:1
3.90:1 Aug '57 & on
1:4.11 / 4.10 4.10:1 4.10:1
Steering Recirculating ball (all models)
18.5:1 (3.75 turns) 18.5:1 (3.75 turns) 21.4:1 (4 turns) 21.4:1 (4 turns) 21.4:1 (4 turns) 21.4:1 (4 turns)
Rear suspension Swing axle w/coil springs Independent, by low-pivot swing axles, trailing arms, coil springs, telescopic dampers (all)
Front suspension Independent w/coil
Independent, by double wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers,
anti-roll bar Unequal-length A-arms, (all)
Wheels 4.5x13 in. 4.5x13 in. 4.5x13 in. 13 in. 5x13 in. 5x13 in.
Tires 6.40x13 in. 6.40x13 in. 6.40x13 in. 6.7x13 in. 6.70x13 in. 6.70x13 in.
Wheel lug torque 110 Nm (81 lb-ft)
Brakes Four wheel drum, servo assist (all except servo was option on 180 & 190)
Empty Weight 2,640 lbs.
2,662 lbs. (a/b/c)
2,728 lbs. 2,838 lbs. 2,820 lbs. 2,976 lbs. sedan
3,108 lbs. convert.
3,020 lbs. sedan
3,214 lbs. convert.
Electrical system
General 12 volt, negative ground (all) except early 180, which was 6 volt
Overall Length 176.4 in. 176.6 in. (a)
177.2 in. (b)
184.3 in. 186 in. 187 in. sedan
183.9 in. coup� & convert.
Same as 220S
Overall Width 68.5 in. 68.5 in. 68.5 in. 69 in. 68.5 in. sedan
69.5 in. coup� & convert.
Same as 220S
Overall Height 61.4 in. 61.4 in. 61.4 in. 61 in. 61.4 in. sedan
60.2 in. coup� & convert.
Same as 220S
Wheelbase 104.3 in 104.3 in. 108.3 in. 111 in. 111 in. sedan
106.3 in. coup� & convert.
Same as 220S
Track, front/rear 55.9/58.1 in. 56.2/58.1 in. 56.2/58.1 in. 56/58 in. 56.2 in./57.9 in. Same as 220S
Ground Clearance 7.3 in. 7.3 in 7.3 in. 9 in. 7.3 in 7.3 in.
Turning Circle 38 ft. 38 ft. 38 ft. 36 ft. 38 ft.
37 ft. convert.
38 ft.
0-100 km/hr. 31 sec.
21 sec. (a/b/c)
20.5 sec. (a)
19 sec.(b)
17 sec. ? 17 sec. 15 sec.
Top speed 78.4 mph
84 mph (a/b/c)
86 mph (a)
89 mph (b)
92 mph 93 mph 99 mph 99 mph


Solex Carburetor Model Numbers

Documentation of Solex carburetor model numbers seem to suffer from typographical errors, or inconsistent translations from German (or French) into other languages.

If you have any facts or theories as to why the "I" versus "J" discrepancy exists, please contact the editor. / January 6, 2002


The question arises around the usage of the letter "I" versus "J." This discrepancy may stem from the fact that the Solex carburetor was made in Germany under license to the French Societe des Carburetors (Solex S.R.C.). Meaning, the more times the name was translated, the more chance there was for human error to enter in to the translation. Also, the J and the I are near each other on the typewriter, so the typographical error theory may have credence for another day. This theory was developed in January, 2002 after a reader of this page noted that the 190b owner's manual listed the correct carburetor as being the Solex 32 PAJTA. The table above lists the correct carburetor for the 190b as the 32 PAITA.

In January 2002, the issue was discussed by the members of the International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG) and the following observations were made:

If there is any question as to the correct Solex carburetor for your Mercedes-Benz Ponton, the carburetor model is embossed (raised) on the side of the unit. It is the advice of the editor that the carburetor model be verified before purchasing any carburetor rebuild kits. It is not necessary to remove the air cleaner housing to see the Solex carburetor model name on the Type 190 sedan.

Update: November 18, 2002

Reference: P. Olyslager Motor Manuals (volume 16) Mercedes-Benz 180a / 180b / 190 / 190b / © 1962 P. Olyslager

The Olyslager Motor Manual pp. 57, states, "The carburettor for the 190b (up to 1960 models) is a Solex twin-barrel down-draught carbrettor, model 32 PAJTA, which differs from the 32 PAITA mainly in the following respects:

The carburettor body incorporates a slot below the throttle valves, connecting the primary and secondary halves and the accelerating pump mechanism is modified so that fuel is additionally injected during the time the mechanically-controlled secondary throttle valve is being opened.  The accelerating pump capacity is 1.4-1.6 cc per stroke.  Adjust idle speed to 700-750 rpm.

Note: 190b engines of first production did not incorporate these modifications."

Table data (except for Type 220a) originally compiled by Ray Ilich from the following resources.

Further Acknowledgements and Notes

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