Mercedes-Benz Ponton Necropolis

Boneyard, Graveyard, Abandoned, Final Resting Place, City of Dead Pontons

1959 Type 180D sedan with autumn shrubbery

Photo: Max Stemple / Colville, Washington / Autumn 2003

Mercedes-Benz Ponton coupé somewhere in England

Type 190Db sedan

Courtesy: Hal Cannon / November 29, 2004

Four cylinder Ponton model ("b" suffix – note wider bumper) somewhere in California / October 2005

Another four cylinder Ponton on a California hillside with only rudimentary protection from the elements / October 2005

Type 180b sedan – driver fell asleep at the wheel
Tough break for the Ponton, but the driver lived to tell about it

There is an infamous black and white photo (originally published in the May 12, 1947 issue of Life magazine) of a young, well dressed woman (Evelyn McHale) who jumped from the 86th floor observation deck of the Empire State Building (New York City) and landed on top of a dark sedan. She looked as if she was only sleeping, but the incredible damage to the roof told the real story. The roof of this Ponton is reminiscent of that photo.

Type W121 190 Ponton sedan, originally from Florida

Courtesy: Bruce Bristow / October 10, 2004

1959 Type 180D Ponton sedan / Chula Vista, California
Mercedes-Benz was a pioneer in the development of crumple zones for passenger safety, but the Heckflosse (Fintail) models were the first to undergo thorough testing.
Photos Courtesy: Bob Gunthorp

Type 180b Ponton sedan with window rain deflectors and roof rack in Lebanon

Photo Courtesy: Ramzi Saba / October 18, 2004

Ramzi writes, "This car has been sitting next to my home in Lebanon for like five or six years.  I tried to contact the owner to see if he would sell it, so I could use it for parts, but I could not contact him.  No one knew anything about the car.  It is sitting on an empty piece of land, next to a building.  The land is owned by the Maronite Church so practically nothing will be constructed on it.  The car has a lot of rust, but is fairly complete, especially the interior.  The stop lights are missing (broken and rusted) and the star is gone too." 

Painting of a Type 180 sedan

Courtesy: Farouk El-Khalil / Beirut, Lebanon

Farouk writes, "During the summer of 2005, whilst passing through a historical sea-side castle in Lebanon, I saw some paintings displayed by one of its walls. Something attracted my attention, and I looked through my rear view mirror to see paintings of a Ponton. Last Sunday (January 15, 2006), I was able to locate the artist who directed me to where the car was, and I drove there to take photos of it (somewhere in the middle mountain belt area)."

Type 180 Ponton sedan somewhere in Lebanon

Courtesy: Farouk El-Khalil / Beirut, Lebanon / January 26, 2006

Euro lamps, Webasto roof, and big toothless grin

Interior all there, including the horsehair (not really) seats

Needs a little work to be like new again (somewhere in Germany)

These parts have received plenty of fresh air and sunshine

1959 Type 190 sedan / Not too far gone – tires still hold air

1957 Type 190D sedan / South western USA style rust on top – from heat and sun

Skeleton of the Webasto roof all there

This Type 180b/c or 190b "chop-top" (the roof was removed by the owner) was spotted in Izmir, Turkey on October 26, 2003 by Craig Semple. It appears to have only two doors.  This may indicate that it is a Binz body variant (a "Bakkie" or pick-up) originally destined for the South African market.  How did it find its way to Turkey?  It would have had to travel north over the length of the African continent and then across the Mediterranean Sea to get to the port city of Izmir. Or, perhaps it made its way through eastern Europe and then ended up here.  There were approximately 400 units of this Binz variant style (2 door pick-up) built.

Nice roof rack / "Binz" body variant / Somewhere in Greece / September 2003

Type 180 or 190 – window glass still looks good

Wishful thinkers: Be the first on your block to own a Mercedes-Benz!

Don't forget the extra bits – they make nice ornaments

Sad, but true

Four cylinder, "b" revision Ponton – somewhere on planet Earth

Mother Nature's Son (found in a field of grass) / Type 219 Ponton sedan

Type 220S sedan somewhere in Utah

Courtesy: Hal Cannon / November 2004

Not "used", but rather, "pre-enjoyed" / Note the Webasto roof on this Type 220S sedan

Parked and forsaken until August 2002

Type 220S Ponton sedan / Somewhere in the northeast USA

Hubcap conveniently located on front seat

The mice are going to miss this car

Add 15% for the Webasto sliding sunroof

Deduct 15% for not having the rear window

Plentiful, top quality straw

Shock Absorber / July 8, 1958  ( Lebanon)

It appears the Type 180/190 Mercedes-Benz Ponton absorbed the shock and reduced the damage to the Peugeot Type 203.

These Type 220S/SE cabriolets are worth a respectable amount when restored correctly

Note the rare Ulonite 105 reflectors

Stacked like camp fire wood

Type 219 sedan / Points off for the moss on the windshield

What would the original owner think?

Type 220S / Fender accent strips still look good

Somewhere in Sweden

The result of affixing too many grille badges

Photo Courtesy: Helu Hansen (Germany)

Minor stone chips do not detract from this nice 220SE cabriolet

A little Turtle Wax, and this car will be ready to go again

Most of this should just rub out

1961 Type 190b with Webasto sunroof

1961 Type 190b Ponton sedan with rare Webasto guard dog option

Basic shape is unmistakable

Photo: Ramzi Saba

Undaunted and undented / Type 219 sedan

Type 220a or 220S sedan – somewhere in Europe

Visionary: Only needs vehicle ID tag to be restored

Type 220SPonton sedan / Abandoned when the ashtrays became full

"Existence Exists" - Ayn Rand / Detail of Daniel Boeve's Mercedes-Benz collection in Belgium

Fallen barn reveals Type 219 sedan

Twin Webasto roofs — somewhere in Vermont (circa 2003) – Are those plants legal?

Somewhere on an undisclosed hillside in Ohio

The spirit from within these Pontons has long since been released

This Mercedes-Benz Ponton is located in Meruyung, Indonesia

Photos submitted  November 6, 2008 by Christian Taihutu

Location unknown

Type 180 Ponton sedan in a Swiss junkyard

Lynn Brandhorst's Type 220S Ponton sedan

Not exactly what you want to see first thing in the morning

The day could only get better from here

1959 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S

A Bushwhacking bushwhacker found this bushwhacked Mercedes-Benz Ponton sedan

From the four corners of Boron, it sat approximately 20 miles north of Highway 58 – somewhere near the outskirts of California City

Photos submitted: May 28, 2010

Type W180 220S Ponton sedan in Mexico

Photo submitted December 5, 2011 by Pablo Perez Tavio

Barn find in New Zealand / Type 220S Ponton sedan

Photo submitted December 21, 2013 by Ron Bunting (Australia)

Type W180 series (220a or 220S/SE) in Belgium in the 1960s – crashed during a bicycle race.

Photo submitted January 22, 2014 by Anonymous (France)

Brisbane, Australia

Photos submitted January 2014 by Tony Basile

Bulgarian Salvage Yard
























Four and six cylinder Mercedes-Benz Pontons in a Bulgarian salvage yard.

Photos submitted February 24, 2014 by Vladimir Vladimirov (Bulgaria)

Type 220SE coupé driven by singer Doris Nefedov (a.k.a. Alexandra) / July 31, 1969

In 1969 the 27 year old German singer Doris Nefedov (stage name: "Alexandra" [maiden name: Treitz]) had recently acquired this ivory colored Mercedes-Benz 220SE coupé. On July 31, 1969 she ran a stop sign, and was hit unrestrained by a truck hauling concrete paving slabs. The debris was thrown 20 meters into the ditch, and she was killed. Her son (Alexander – six at the time) was sleeping in the back seat and miraculously escaped with only minor injuries, but her mother (Valeska Treitz) died later in hospital. Alexandra was famous for many songs including, "Mein Freund der Baum" (My Friend the Tree).

Photo uploaded April 8, 2014

1954 Type 180 and 1956 Type 190 on hillside in Eikelandsosen, Norway

Photo courtesy: Thomas Helland / uploaded March 11, 2015

Created: October 5, 2002 / Jeff Miller

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