Spare Parts Kit for Traveling Long Distances
in a Mercedes-Benz Ponton

Linda Caplinger / / July 4, 2004

This is a guide to spare parts one might need when traveling long distances from home in a Mercedes-Benz Ponton. Mercedes-Benz offered a spare parts kit for the 219, 220a, and 220S models, but there are other items one should take along when considering a lengthy trip.

Check Before Leaving

* Water Pump Oil

The 1959 Type W121 190D has two water pump oil screws. On page 42 of the owner's manual it says, "The oil level in the water pump should be checked every 11,400 miles (18,000km). When doing so make sure the breather hole in the filer screw is not clogged." That is the top screw at twelve o'clock. The 1960 190D I have does not have this setup. It appears to be sealed. - Courtesy: Wolfgang Bley

Len Sokoloff writes, The service manual says to check the water pump oil every 10,000 miles or when the water pump has been rebuilt or changed. Use the same oil as for the rear axle. Make sure the ventilation hole is not clogged. - Len.

Linda Caplinger writes, From: "Mercedes Benz Workshop Manual: Passenger Car Models 180 to 220SE", pages 00-1/2, 00-1/5, and 00-1/8.

Charts shows capacities for fluids. "Water pump (cm³) Hypoid oil SAE 90." Amount in column is "10" for ALL models (SL roadsters / sedans / coupés / cabriolets, gas, and diesel variants alike). The 10 refers to cm³. 1 cm³ = 1ml, so, 10 ml of oil is required for the pump. I did not see anywhere in this book a reference to how often this needs to be maintained.

In "Service Manual Model 190 Passenger Cars", under "Repair of Water Pump" on page 20-5/3 it says,

"18. Screw the closing plug (21), together with a new seal (20), into the bearing housing. Put 10 cc of Hypoid Oil SAE 90 into the water pump and then screw in the vent plug.

Note: water pumps which are new or which were obtained through our replacement scheme do not contain any oil.

19. Test the pump for leakage on a test stand or in the engine. The water pump must not lose either water or oil."

So again, no idea on how often to test for oil, but all water pumps for our cars require oil unless they were obtained through a replacement scheme. How to tell? That's another mystery for another day.

Long Distance Spare Parts Kit

Long distance spare parts kit for the Mercedes-Benz Type W128 220SE Ponton coupé.

Courtesy: Harris Kerr and Tom Hanson. Prices valid as of July 9, 2004. Available from Tom Hanson at Caliber Motors. 

Update: September 3, 2014: Tom Hanson is currently the parts manager at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center in Irvine, California. See Links page for contact information.

Tom Hanson says, "The water hoses are all bulk, and should be available anywhere. Keep in mind that if you do break down on a trip, Caliber Motors can ship parts anywhere in the world. If you can think of any other incidentals omitted here, let me know and I will provide the part numbers and wholesale prices just as I have here."

* 950-999-29-08 Tote box $89.10
* 000-501-00-15 radiator cap $15.17
* 000-180-00-09 oil filter kit $3.77
* 000-156-81-01 condenser $5.74
* 002-159-24-03 Bosch W7Dc spark plugs $1.31 ea
* 000-158-20-31 rotor $25.42
* 000-158-07-90 points $7.58
* 000-158-53-02 cap $30.75
* 000-477-43-15 fuel filter $8.61
* 100-997-00-40 filter seal $1.64
* 124-580-00-10 fuse set $3.44
* 002-997-49-92 9.5X850 fan belt $12.71
* 000-203-65-75 thermostat $109.65
* 000-824-48-26 set of wiper blades $87.74 !!
* 000-428-29-35 front brake hoses $30.34 each
* 000-428-93-35 l/r brake hose $28.70
* 000-428-26-35 r/r brake hose $19.68
* 128-540-00-59 oil pressure hose $35.67
* 000-151-27-14 starter brushes $10.25
* 000-154-40-14 generator brushes $10.25

* Light Bulbs:
1. 072601-012701 $1.39
2. 702 $1.15
3. 160 $3.77
4. 120 $1.39
5. 139 $1.39
6. 210 $2.46
7. 800 $1.64
8. 190 $1.15

Created July 4, 2004 / Linda Caplinger
Published July 4, 2004 / Jeff Miller
Thanks to the International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG)

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