Mercedes-Benz Ponton Spare Parts Kit
Type 219 / 220a / 220S

Courtesy: Joe Alexander / Blacklick, Ohio USA

Joe Alexander has extensive experience with Mercedes-Benz Pontons. His first car was a 1955 Type 190SL roadster when he was only 16 years old. He still owns and enjoys this car today! His father and uncle drove Mercedes-Benz Pontons such as a 220SE cabriolet and a Type 190 sedan. After completing his higher education in Industrial Design, he restored Mercedes-Benz "SL"s professionally in his own shop. Today, he uses the shop for his own projects. From the beginning, he collected literature and spare parts for Pontons. This page features a spare parts kit for the Type 219, 220a and 220S Mercedes-Benz Pontons from his private collection.

Photo 1. Spare parts kit box

Photo 2. Inside the box

Photo 3. List of parts in German, English and French

Spare Parts Kit
Type 219, 220a, 220S
Part Name Quantity
Cylinder head gasket 1
Diaphragm fuel pump 1
Spark plug 2
Gasket, oil filter 1
Gasket, for crank case 1
Fan belt 1
Distributor breaker arm 1
Contact base 1
* Bulb, head lamp B 12V 35/35W 1
Bulb G 12V 5W 1
" L 12V 5W 1
" M 12V 5W 1
" 000 544 13 94 1
Feeler gauge blade 0.10 mm 1
Feeler gauge blade 0.20 mm 1
Socket for torque wrench 8 mm - 80 mm lg 1
Socket for torque wrench 10 mm - 140 mm lg 1
Setscrew wrench 5 mm 1
Setscrew wrench 6 mm 1
* Not included if vehicle is equipped with
Sealed Beam headlights

Created: May 13, 2002 / Jeff Miller

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