Replacing Worn-Out Brake and Clutch Pedal Washers on
Mercedes-Benz Pontons

Len Sokoloff / January 11, 2004 / 1959 Type 220S cabriolet

Detail of the Mercedes-Benz Type 220 Spare Parts List Table 17 - "Pedals"

The combined cost for the two rubber sealing washers (#55) and two metal washers (#54) was about $11. The (leather and metal construction) sealing washers (#57) were about $40 each. Total time for the job - just over an hour.

I found that the washers for the clutch and brake pedals were in pretty sad shape.

Leather and metal construction sealing washers. Part number 136 290 00 67. There are two required (#57 in the illustration). Cost about $40 (yes, forty) each. These sealing washers are basically a leather piece riveted to a metal piece. They fit inside a plate around the brake and clutch pedal rods on the driver's side of the firewall.

Detail of part number: 136 290 00 67

This photo shows the new rubber and metal washers in place. The leather and metal construction sealing washers (#57) (136 290 00 67) are not visible from this side of the firewall.

Suggestions for those who plan to do the job

Part numbers (refer to illustration)


Created: January 11, 2004 / Jeff Miller

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