Replacing Mercedes-Benz Ponton Motor Mounts

Ray Ilich / September 4, 1996

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  1. Place a 2x6 between the oil pan and floor jack. For front mounts, the oil pan IS STRONG ENOUGH to use to lift the engine, but be sure the mounts are loose, so you're not lifting the whole car. I think the manual says to lift the transmission for the rear mounts.
  2. For front mounts, I think the center bolt alone can be loosened to lift the engine, the two outer bolts hold the mount to the frame. But it's best to loosen as much as you can before lifting the engine, to minimize the "hang time."
  3. For the rear mounts, I think you must loosen the two outer bolts before you can lift the engine. While the front and rear mounts are the same part number, their attaching hardware is different. At least it was on my parts car.
  4. The manual shows different part numbers for right and left mounts, but my source (Miller's Mercedes) only sent one part number. Upon questioning, Mike said that was the only p/n available. I installed what I got without any trouble.
  5. I think I attached the mounts to the engine brackets, and lowered the engine to the frame. I bolted down one side, then had to "wiggle" the engine to get the other side to line up.

Update / September 21, 2015

Be sure to use genuine Mercedes-Benz motor mounts!

Photo 1. The aftermarket motor mount on the left had about 1,500 miles on it.
The mount on the right is a new Mercedes-Benz part.

Photo courtesy: O.L. (Chip) Hughes / September 21, 2015

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