Mercedes-Benz Ponton
Periodic Service and Maintenance

Excerpted from "Handbook for the Mercedes-Benz 219, 220S All models 1956-1960"
by Piet Olyslager MSIA MSAE / The Sunday Times / London / 1962

From August 1958, revised service and maintenance instructions came into effect, which also applied to cars built before that date. Where the new instructions differ from those given in owner's manuals of cars delivered before August 1958, the new instructions should be followed.

Lubrication Chart

 lube chart


A. Every 2,000 miles

A1 to A10 (inclusive) Lubricate with Grease

A1 Upper and lower steering swivel joints and kingpins (six nipples)
A2 Upper suspension arms (four nipples)
A3 Lower suspension arms (four nipples)
A4 Steering idler arm (one nipple)
A5 Steering-rod and track-rod ball joints and steering damper joint (seven nipples)**
A6 Clutch and brake pedals (two nipples)
A7 Universal joints (two or three nipples)**
A8 Sliding joint (one nipple)**
A9 Propeller shaft centre bearing (one nipple)
A10 Rear axle fulcrum points (two nipples)
A11 Water pump: lubricate with hypoid gear oil SAE 90 EP (if nipple is fitted)
A12 Brake fluid reservoir: Check fluid level; top-up if necessary

**Not always fitted; on some cars these points do not require lubrication


B. Every 4,000 miles

As at A; furthermore

* Engine oil: drain and refill
Bl Oil filter: Clean metal filter element and replace paper element
B2 Air-cleaner: Clean filter element
B3 Gearbox: Check oil level; top-up if necessary
B4 Rear axle: Check oil level; top-up if necessary (see page 18)
B5 Hotspot valve: Check shaft for free movement and lubricate with graphite oil
B6 Ignition distributor: If fitted with grease cup, turn down grease cup and refill
B7 Automatic clutch (if fitted): Check fluid level (see page 19); clean cooling air screens, check and adjust free-play of clutch operating rod; check and adjust contact on rear-axle housing.

Lubricate with Engine Oil

Additional Operations

C. Every 12,000 miles

As at B (except B3 and B4); furthermore

C1 Steering gear: Check oil level; top-up if necessary
C2 Gearbox: Drain and refill
C3 Rear axle: Drain and refill (see page 18)
C4 Parking brake cables: Lubricate with grease (two nipples)
C5 Water pump: Lubricate with hypoid gear oil SAE 90 EP (if no nipple is fitted)
C6 Front-wheel bearings: Renew grease in hub caps
C7 Ignition distributor:
Fill oiler with engine oil; apply three drops of engine oil to felt wick under rotor.
Fill cam follower with recommended grease (see page 18).

D. Every 30,000 miles

E. Every 60,000 miles

As at 30,000 miles; furthermore

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