1956 Mercedes-Benz Type W105 219 sedan

former owner: Carl Klem / carlklem@yahoo.com / Santa Cruz, California, USA

Carl writes, "It was not built for the export market, hence it has all European gauges, etc. The chassis number is 105.011-6500011.  This number reveals it was the eleventh Type W105 219 sedan off of the production line in 1956, and that it includes a canvas sunroof. It has zero rust (not looking under the battery) and the body is extremely straight. It is a great car, and I feel comfortable driving it wherever I want to go (for example) on vacation in Yosemite two summers ago."

Editor's Note:  A few more words on the significance of the chassis number. This example, "105.011-6500011" can be further broken down with the following clarity. The 105.011 states the factory ("works") code for the car (W105), as well as the existence of the "extra cost option" Webasto sliding sunroof (.011). The serial number (6500011) indicates the build year in reverse order (in this case, 1956 is encoded: "65"). The rest of the serial number (00011) indicates (as was stated by the owner) that this was the 11th Type 219 (W105) off the production line that year.

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Update / July 30, 2015

1958 Mercedes-Benz Type W180 220S sedan

July 30, 2015: Carl re-joined the International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG) after buying this 1958 220S sedan

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