Mercedes-Benz Ponton Instrument Cluster

Is it true that the elegantly curved instrument panel makes for easy driving? Try it out yourself and find out how well the controls and instruments are arranged. Various knobs and levers lie within easy reach in front of you and your right hand can reach the gear lever on the steering column as if of its own accord. Your hand need not leave the steering wheel when you operate the horn and turn signals. The easily read Kombi-Instrument lies in your direct line of vision. A short glance is sufficient to inform you about the cooling water temperature, oil pressure, speed and fuel supply position.

Thanks to the excellent view you obtain through the wide curved windshield made of laminated safety glass you are continuously "up to date" regarding the whole situation. Two windshield wipers which give large, overlapping cleaned surfaces take care that you can see well even when it is raining hard. To contain all the many indispensable odds and ends which you prefer to have with you on your journey, there is a large glove compartment on the right hand side and a further pigeon hole next to the steering column. The clock in the center of the instrument panel can just as easily be seen from any of the other seats.

Illustration and text: Type 180 pamphlet / December 1958
Photo: 1957 Type 190 / October 2001

Created: October 20, 2002 / Jeff Miller

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