Folding Rear Seat in
Mercedes-Benz Ponton Cabriolets

Contributed by Bob Gunthorp and Len Sokoloff

Bob Gunthorp writes, "I have read that the folding rear seat was only available in Europe. It could well be that the fixed seat was an extra cost option there. I don't recall ever seeing the fold down seat on US models however I assume they were available. So perhaps the fixed seat was standard in the US. I will admit that until I bought my 220S convertible I had never looked closely at the rear seat in one of these cars. After I bought mine I was going over it and was very surprised to find the folding rear seat. Here are a few photos of the folding rear seat from my 1957 220S cabriolet."

Len Sokoloff writes, "Here is a summary of the replies I received from members of the International Ponton Owners Group (IPOG) regarding their cabriolet's rear seat:" "Bob Gunthorp seemed to think that the fixed rear seat was a standard item for US delivered cars while the folding rear seat was standard in Europe. I did not think that was the case from what I had heard and read. The parts book also shows the fixed rear seat as a special request item and makes no distinction about export cars like it does for some other options. So my conclusion is that the folding rear seat was standard worldwide and the fixed rear seat was an option everywhere. I didn't check out Silver Star Restorations or old STAR magazines looking for further confirmation though."

Created: June 21, 2005 / Jeff Miller
Thanks to Bob Gunthorp, Len Sokoloff

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