Mercedes-Benz Ponton Steering Box Reseal
(Supplemental Notes)

Len Sokoloff /

This job is covered in the shop manual (SM1207 / Service Manual for the 190 Series) under Section 46-6, Removal and Installation of Sealing Rings in Steering. It is only half a page long, but refers you to a couple of other sections that go on forever.  This write-up covers the information that was gathered from my own experience doing this job on my 1959 220S cabriolet, along with input from James Davis, Henry Magno, Ed Richardson and Will Samples.

Parts you will need to reseal your steering box

Sealants and grease to use

You've got to have a vise.  Some of the nuts are so large and so tight that trying to steady it by hand just will not work.

Tools that might not be in your toolbox that you will probably need

Mark the starting locations of absolutely everything so that you can reassemble things properly.  Scribe the parts, put a dab of paint on them, anything, just so you know how they go back together.  Make notes of anything that might be able to go back together incorrectly or if you might spread the job out over several days or more. This includes the steering wheel since it can turn freely once the steering is disconnected.

Created: December 9, 2001 / Jeff Miller

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