Mercedes-Benz Ponton Shock Absorbers

Douglas Broome / / October 25, 2017

Originally, a bewildering number of shock absorbers were fitted to the various Mercedes-Benz Ponton models. There were multiple Mercedes part numbers at the time. Additional shocks were available for cars with nonstandard uses, like police vehicles. All were made by Stabilus. See Section 32 of Service Manual Models 180 to 220SE (SM-1201-000).

I spent some time and effort contacting Stabilus in Europe and the United States in search of current Stabilus shock absorbers suitable for Pontons. Unfortunately that company’s records apparently no longer exist with respect to the Ponton-relevant shock absorbers. Nothing Stabilus produces today fits a Mercedes-Benz Ponton.

Today, the situation is much less complicated. About the only shock absorbers available new for Pontons are made by Bilstein. The same Bilstein shock for the front suspension fits all Pontons. Ditto the rear shock. One oddity: These Bilstein shock absorbers are about the only place on a Ponton that requires nuts and washers of the M7 size.

Very occasionally one sees reference to locating a shock by Boge. I suspect these are “new old stock,” no longer produced now.

Recently, Bilstein changed the relevant part numbers again. For that reason one does not always find all the sources for them when searching on the internet or elsewhere. One is well advised to search for all the numbers. I have seen a very wide range of prices, so it pays to investigate thoroughly.

The table below progresses from left to right:

Bilstein Shock Absorber Part Numbers for Mercedes-Benz Pontons
Location Original No. Next No. Current No.
Front B46-0002 F4 B46-0002 24-000024
Rear B46-0012 F4 B46 0012 24-000123

A final note: On some Bilstein shock absorber charts one finds a listing and part number for the steering damper/shock absorber fitted to the six-cylinder Pontons. This is an error. Bilstein never made a shock absorber for this purpose on Pontons. The error seems to stem from the fact that Bilstein does (did?) produce a steering damper for six-cylinder Fintails, but it does not fit to Pontons. I have elected not to attempt here a discussion of the various successful and unsuccessful attempts at adapting conventional steering dampers or shock absorbers to the unusual mounting arrangement found on six-cylinder Pontons. Another time.

Additions or corrections to the above information are welcome. Use the information at your own risk.

Created: October 25, 2017 / Jeff Miller
Last Update: October 26, 2017

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