Mercedes-Benz Ponton Spark Plug Gap

Tony Perez / Sacramento, California / June 22, 2002

It is important to check and set the spark plug gap to insure good idle and acceleration characteristics.  For specific gaps, see the related spark plug article.

Tony writes: Well, my 1960 180b sedan "Emma Peel" is coming right along.  I got my special 14mm hex wrench and was able to change both the transmission and differential fluid.  I also changed the oil while I was at it.

Then, I decided to tackle that little rough idle.  She was missing when cold and also on acceleration.  I figured the carb jets were clogged from sitting and it was running rich.  So I pulled a plug and yep, it was sooty.  I brushed it off and tried to gap it and discovered the gap was way too small.

Photo 1. / Courtesy: Jeff Miller

"Weird", I thought, and then pulled the next plug which was also gapped way too small.  Turns out all four plugs were installed by the previous owner without being gapped, which explains the missing and running rich.  I figure there was not enough spark to burn all that mixture or something.  Anyway, I got them all gapped and took her for a run and she was a totally different car!  The difference in power was amazing and the idle is much smoother. When I started her up I immediately noticed a difference in her sound.

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