Ron van Seventer's Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Ron van Seventer / / Palo Alto, California

A gathering of the Not Quite Ready For Concours (NQRFC) group at the Palo Alto Concours d'Elegance

Ron playing in László's shop "I.P. Benz" in Mountain View, California — the shop closed when László retired

Photo: Jeff Miller / February, 1995

Ron with his 1961 W121 190b Ponton with Webasto sliding sunroof.
Off to the left is his 1968 W110 Type 230 fintail sedan.

Interior of the 1961 190b — note the Bakelite window surround and the wood dash top
(typical of the Type 190 sedans) and the optional leather upholstery

Photos: Jeff Miller / February, 1995

The proud Mercedes-Benz owner! This is a 1960 190b. Ron never got into stamp collecting, so he focused on Mercedes-Benz instead. Sheet metal (doors, hoods, bits and pieces) have been organized along the perimeter of the back yard. The blue wagon on the right is a Volvo model 145.

Photo: Jeff Miller / February, 1995

Bride and '58  Cabriolet

Ron's bride, Thoa in the 1958 220S cabriolet

Cabriolet Wedding vehicle

Ron and Thoa in the wedding getaway car

Ron's 1958 220S cabriolet and Tom Shields' daughter's 220S sedan

Photo: Jeff Miller / April 1997

'66 230 Wagon

Ron's funky 1966 W110 230 "Universal"

'66 230 Wagon

The former owner was a surfer / beach bum


UNIMOG Type 404S (present from Michael Smith)

Ron's 1962 Type W111 220Sb — a.k.a. The Batmobile

Ron's W124 300TE — There are still a few Mercedes-Benz in the collection not shown here

Photo: Jeff Miller / September 8, 2001

Ron (far right) and friends (Jurgen Klockmann in the middle) with a 300SL "Gullwing" coupé.
The gentleman on the left was restoring his 220S cabriolet (in Jurgen's garage).

Photo: Jeff Miller / September 8, 2001

Ron at the wheel of his 220S cabriolet

Photo: Jeff Miller / February 1995

Ron with his 1958 220S cabriolet

Photo: Dave Sandlin / November, 2002

The factory color code is DB356 "Light Blue"

Photo: Dave Sandlin / November, 2002

Photo submitted: December 19, 2002

1985 W123 280TE wagon. Ron writes, "Note the Oregon license plate. It was brought over from Germany by a guy from Oregon who owned it in Portland for a few years. Also, a local chap had it here (Palo Alto, California) for a few years before I bought it."

Photo submitted: December 21, 2002

The 280TE has the "European preferences" of a five-speed standard transmission, manual windows, and cloth seats. However, it has air conditioning and cruise control and even dashboard-controlled headlamp height adjustments. I bought it as the third owner in 1997 for about the cost that the first owner paid to have the DOT/EPA work done."

Photo submitted: December 21, 2002

Ron's 220S cabriolet "project car" being transported to its new owner in December, 2002

Type 180Db / 190Db Ponton taxis. Len Sokoloff's house (North Carolina) was grafted to the top of Albrecht Stachel's Brooklyn Motoren Werke (Wisconsin). Photo-collage concept by Ron van Seventer, circa 2002.

Created: February 21, 1998 / Jeff Miller

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