1966 Mercedes-Benz Type W110 200 Heckflosse sedan

Natalis Timothy / Tanzania
Mobile 0784400068

I am located in Dar Es Salaam, a famous commercial city in Tansania. My specific location is in the Mikocheni Industrial Area. You just stop at a station called Kwa Walioba along the Old Bagamoyo Road.

This circa 1966 Mercedes-Benz Type W110 200 Heckflosse sedan (produced 7/65 - 2/68) was imported and registered in Tanzania in 1966. I do not know exactly when it was manufactured, but the engine and gear box have not been replaced! It has the following features:

We thank Daimler-Benz for producing such a fine vehicle!

Also, I wanted to know who participated in manufacturing this car and, if possible, I want to know where I might obtain spare parts so it can be used for another 50 years. Viva Germany!

Best Regards,
Natalis Timothy

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