1961 Mercedes-Benz Ponton
Type W120 180Db sedan

owner: Lorenzo Pacho / lorenzo_pacho@hotmail.com  / Manilla, Philippines

Hi! My name is Lorenzo Pacho and I am from Manila, Philippines. These are the photos of my 1961 180Db. This Ponton was bought by my brother from a high school classmate in August 2003. Restoration started in December 2003 and was finished just this month (December 2004). Options include an ivory colored steering wheel and shift knob, thin fender chrome trim, a passenger-side door with a key hole, and carpeting in the trunk. Aside from sourcing parts from the United States while I was there, we got some parts from Tippee Yaptinchay and Len Naguiat of the Mercedes-Benz Club of the Philippines.

1961 180Db before restoration

The restoration was completed in December 2004

After-market seat belts

After-market air conditioning and stereo units under the dash

Thanks, and more power to the Mercedes-Benz Ponton website!

Lorenzo Y. Pacho
Information Age MBA Candidate - 2004
Management of Operations and Technology
Bentley College
McCallum Graduate School of Business
Waltham, Massachusetts USA

Update / September 15, 2014

From: Lorenzo Pacho <lorenzo_pacho@hotmail.com>
To: "editor@mbzponton.org" <editor@mbzponton.org>
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2014 7:45 AM
Subject: Updated Ponton Pictures

Hi Jeff,

The last photos of my Ponton were posted in 2004! Some of the recent changes include further restoration on how the engine bay and the trunk area should look. For the dashboard, we replaced its vinyl covering to lighten it up a bit. The car stereo, previously located under the dash, is now hidden inside the glove box to make the dashboard area look clean. Hope this makes the car look better.



The stereo is now in the glove box so the dash has a cleaner look


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