1957 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S Ponton Sedan

owner: Rich Nunes / pontonparts@yahoo.com / Gridley, California

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While visiting family at home, Rich noticed a three-pointed star on an unfamiliar car. Having grown up with a passion for the star, this intrigued him. He did some research, and found his first Mercedes-Benz Ponton a 1959 Type 219 with a Webasto sunroof. He spent the next six months trying to buy the car, but it NEVER happened. The MBZponton.org website was a guidebook to what this thing was. That led the search.

A 1957 220S sedan and a 1959 219 with a Webasto roof in Ocean Beach, California were found. Once they were home, it was time to get one running. Having a couple seized pistons in the 220S, and no engine in the 219 made it frustrating.

It was time to go back to MBZponton.org to figure out how to pull the engine. He built the dolly for the transmission to roll the sub-frame out. Still keeping his eye out for any other PARTS cars, he realized how nice the 220S actually was – being 95% rust free. Why not do a restoration? He never had before it couldn't take that long, COULD IT?

Well, after completely stripping and categorizing, he started what would be a five year complete, from the ground up, nut and bolt restoration. Using the MBZponton.org website as a reference, it was easy to find almost everything needed to do the task. Being a purist, the website and IPOG were a silent handbook to guide him. He never intended to go to the level shown here in the finished project, but the passion and respect for the three-pointed star lead him that way.

The Mercedes-Benz slogan, "das beste oder nicht" (the best or nothing) was achieved. This car is for the enjoyment of the Ponton community; please ask questions, comment or even critique.

Created: July 12, 2016 / Jeff Miller
Last Update: July 02, 2022
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