1959 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S Ponton sedan
with Golde steel sunroof

Tom Christian VikÝr / tom.christian@hotmail.com / Norway

Chassis Number: 180.010-10-9502328

Ponton sedans with Webasto steel sunroofs were not given a unique chassis number prefix at the factory. Example: a Type 220S Ponton sedan with a steel sunroof has the chassis number prefix 180.010, and a 220S sedan with a solid roof has the same number prefix. The 220S Ponton coupť follows the format by having the same chassis number prefix (180.037) for both solid roofs, and Webasto steel roofs. The reason for this is the steel sunroof was added after the car left the factory. The steel sunroof manufacturer was "Golde."

However, Ponton sedans with a Webasto folding sunroof were given a unique chassis number prefix. Example: a Type 220S Ponton sedan with a folding sunroof has a chassis number prefix of 180-011 (the 011 indicates the sunroof). More information on the Chassis and Engine Number page.

The handle, and (apparently) the locking mechanism of this steel sunroof are different from other Golde installations.

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