1956 Mercedes-Benz Type 180 Ponton sedan

owner: Kobus van der Westhuizen / kobus@vibewise.co.za

Durban, South Africa

The story is that my grandmother was on holiday in Germany when the model came out. She liked it and ordered it straight away. At the time there was a rule that the car had to be driven for 6 months / 6000 miles (I am not sure which), so her stepson decided to further his study in Germany, seeing as he now had transport! After the specified period, the car was shipped to South Africa, and has been passed from her to my dad, and now to me. As I stated earlier on the Type 180 Ponton Photo Gallery, the visor was fitted in Durban for increased wiper efficiency, although it was marketed as a sun visor.

Right hand drive (RHD)

My Border Collie is at the left side of the photo

Kobus van der Westhuizen / September 14, 2005

Created: September 14, 2005 / Jeff Miller
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