1959 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S Ponton sedan

This is the car that inspired Ray Ilich to launch the Ponton website on September 25, 1995. Many of the maintenance and repair jobs he performed made their way on to these pages. He sold the car in the autumn of 1999.

Tribute to Ray Ilich

"Refurbished for Road Use with Originality in Mind"

A real attention getter at shows or on the road!


The OEM fog lamps are in excellent condition

This photo shows the solid Beech dashboard, the ivory colored steering wheel (with a top grain leather cover) and the OEM Becker radio. There is an AM/FM cassette radio in the glove box with stereo speakers discreetly mounted in rear hat shelf.

Left: rear seat, with retracting seat belts.  Right: front seats, new seat belts not in view.  The seat covers were manufactured by Autocraft of Ludlow, Massachusetts and installed in 1997. The original seat upholstery, which is left intact under the new covers, is a gray hound's-tooth pattern, double blind stitch, with blue vinyl trim. The seat springs were not in need of repair.

Bud vase mounted on the B-pillar

Note the Ulonite 105 reflectors inboard of the tail lights

Created: Ray Ilich /  July 1, 1999
Reactivated and Updated: Jeff Miller / May 19, 2002

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