Mercedes-Benz Ponton Tool Tray

Scott Gordon / July 3, 2003 / South San Francisco, California

One Ponton problem that has bedeviled me is that there is not a great place to put tools and small parts while you are working on the car.  Here now comes the solution.

The Ponton Tool Tray

It was obvious.  The radiator frame is the best place to put stuff like the screwdriver, or the socket wrench, and so it gets piled up with all kinds of stuff.  The problem is that it is a small area, and if something has the bad manners to fall from that perch, the landing spot is the delicate, painted, and very visible apron between the driving lights and the bumper. The clatter of metal, the lump in the belly, and the subsequent inspection is not a situation I want to repeat very often, but the radiator frame is a great spot, very accessible and protected by the grille when the hood is up. That was my target.

I took an old shelf which was lying around.  It was warped and that would be perfect for me. I hacked a hole in it like so:

The Wicked Eye Photo

This way, it would fit over the lid latch mechanism in the center of the radiator support. The shelf was thick enough, and I hacked slow enough, that the board fits on tightly, and will not budge. The shelf measures about 11 by 14 inches. It holds a good supply of parts, and/or beer.

Note:  Irregular, non-German beer is in use here, but I consider other Axis-power beers to also be kosher for Ponton work, even Moretti, in a pinch. And cans are so practical in the shop.

Here it is installed and in use. The perfect Ponton parts place!

Ponton Tool Tray in Action

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