Mexican Road Trip in a 1960 Type W121 190b Mercedes-Benz Ponton sedan

owner: Salvador Delgado González / 
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Here are a few photos from a road trip to the beach we made last weekend, March 24, 2007 in my 1960 Mercedes-Benz Type 190b Ponton sedan. I was really impressed with the car's smooth performance at all times. We traveled 440 miles without any trouble at an average speed of 68 mi/hr from Guadalajara, Mexico to Manzanillo and back. The Manzanillo beaches are in Comala, a beautiful town near Colima, Mexico.

Ready to set sail in the 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190b Ponton sedan

Note the freezer, the golf bag and the grill at the end

My friends and I on the Manzanillo Malecon. I am the second from the left. I love my Mercedes-Benz Ponton very much and it never stops surprising me with its performance.

Best Regards,
Salvador Delgado

Created: March 28, 2007 / Jeff Miller

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