1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S Ponton sedan with Webasto sliding sunroof

owner: Marcelo Maulepes / mm@relatom.com.br / southern Brazil

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Marcelo writes,

Hello, I am from southern Brazil, and have just finish the restoration of this 1959 Mercedes-Benz Type 220S Ponton sedan with Webasto sliding sunroof.  

I used a lot of the information at www.mbzponton.org to make the complete restoration, including the selection of the body color, that I got from this illustration:

Back to the beginning, this is what it was like when I bought it in October, 2002.  It had been sitting, unused, for 13 years.  

The original sunroof was closed with a steel sheet, and we had to rebuild it. This photo shows when we re-opened it.

Later in the disassembling process

As you can see from this photo, it was a complete restoration!

Beautiful two-tone paint scheme and the Webasto roof wide open

Thank you all, who have created and maintained this wonderful information source about Mercedes-Benz Pontons

Best regards,
Marcelo Maulepes / October 25, 2004

Created: October 25, 2004 / Jeff Miller
© www.mbzponton.org

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