1959 Mercedes-Benz Type 180Db Ponton sedan

owner: Bernd / faust511@web.de / Trier, Germany

Dear Editor,

I highly appreicate the mbzponton.org website, which contains so much information and restoration background tips. This Ponton Type 180Db was built in 1959, and has accompanied me for the last 30 years. It was partially restored in 1990, and from then on optimized as time was available. The Bakelite trim was removed and replaced with wood trim from the 6-cylinder Ponton models. The trip odometer, I saw only once (on eBay / see photo below), was a must-have.

I took some photos for all of the readers around the world to enjoy the ones just before sunset are usually the best. After reviewing the records again, I bought this car in March 1986, and its first registration was in October 1959 with Mercedes-Benz for one year. I am really impressed on the reliability with the original engine, which is still installed. It always makes great fun to cruise with the open Webasto sunroof.

Trier, Germany
July 16, 2015

Note the Philips single record player under the dash, which was available from 1960.

Note the unusual (for 4-cylinder Pontons) trip odometer. The instrument was purchased on eBay.

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