1957 Mercedes-Benz Type W105 219 sedan

Alex Archbold / archbold@mts.net / Winnipeg, Canada

Alex's Two-year Restoration Project

Alex writes: "This car is a 1957 model 219. The car was sold to a towing company in 1968 as part of an estate, where it sat in storage, unused until the towing company was sold off in 1996.  It was this year that a retired Mercedes mechanic bought the car (as well as 3 vintage Jaguars) from the auction.  He had spent many hours rebuilding the motor, and front end, but fell ill and the project was put on hold until I bought the car in 2000. 

The two photos above show the car on the day I bought it.  I have since had the car completely dismantled, and am in the process of putting it all back together.

I had the interior redone in a dove grey, and the exterior redone in Mercedes midnight blue.  The drive train is excellent, and soon the car will be on the road again.  I am hoping to drive this car across Canada in the near future.  I have since put the grill, and windshield back in, I will send more pictures once it is complete.  I already had offers to display this car in the local Mercedes dealer over winter (which I may do).  I think it's an outstanding looking car, and am glad to bring it back to life after 32 years in storage."

The picture on the right was taken the week of September 24, 2001.  Hopefully, it will be on the road again soon! 

Thank you for the great website!
Alex Archbold / October 4, 2001

Update: November 29, 2001

Alex writes: Here is the latest update, the interior is just about complete, as you can see from the picture, the headliner was just being installed. The grill, lights, and trim are on the car... just a few details now, re-install the windows blow off the dust, and I'm ready to start touring!

I will update you when the interior is complete!

Always a pleasure!
Alex / November 29, 2001

Update: March 16, 2002

"Finally on the road after 3 decades, here is an update on my 219 restoration!"
Alex / March 16, 2002

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