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When you have chosen Mercedes-Benz you will receive a vehicle which meets the demands of particular motorists with its copious equipment and perfect engineering.  However, perhaps you prefer to give your car an entirely individual touch by additional details.  For this purpose, the Daimler-Benz AG has provided an abundance of interesting accessories with which you can supplement the comfort and good looks of your car according to your own concepts.  This profusion of equipment details, as practical as they are handsome, will make it easy for you to realize your wishes.  And here is a hint for the lady of the house: perhaps this brochure will help you choose a suitable present for the motoring master of the house.  

1 and 2 Sliding roof and special finishes.  The large weatherproof sliding roof can also quite easily be opened and closed while driving.  It is of high grade Covertex.  Beside the five standard colors, you can choose a great number of single or dual tone finishes which are listed in the color sample book.

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